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It includes helpful information and valuable offers for parents visiting the Yard on I-Day for the Class of 2025 (June 30th, 2021).

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2021 Induction Day Booklet 

Get ready for one of the biggest days of your Plebe's life!

Induction Day (I-Day) is on June 30, 2021. On this day,your child officially becomes a Plebe and begins their journey at the USNA. Parents experience a lot of emotions and build a lot of memories while at the Yard, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your time there. Fill out the form above and receive our I-Day 2021 brochure.

Included in the brochure:

  • I-Day Parent Checklist: A list of things for parents to experience during their time on the Yard.
  • Special Offers: Get special discounts on tours, gear, and other purchases with offers available in this brochure.
  • Map of the USNA: Be prepared! With a map of the Yard in your hands, you can be sure to get to all the right spots when you need to.

Download and save this free digital version of our 2021 Commissioning Week Booklet on your mobile device to access event and gift information at any time!

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