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Back to School Shopping, Navy Style

Aug 4, 2022 10:15:00 AM

Back to School shopping is a strange season filled with mixed emotions. Kids, teens and adults heading back often dread trading in their pool and friend time for time in the classroom, and parents and others are dreading the back-to-the-office grind that typically accompanies Back to School, after the vacations have turned into photo memories, sandy car trunks and (hopefully) some lingering tans. 

Ready for a Refresh

However both groups also love the thrill of new beginnings that come with the new school year. For students, there are new teachers, reunions with old friends, and so many new things to learn. We’re preparing for the Reform of the Brigade of Midshipmen as the new school year approaches, and this annual reunion is always exciting. For those not in school, this season can be fun too. It can translate into a renewed commitment to their work or passion, and the excitement that comes with that. 

For both groups, one of the highlights of the season is back to school shopping. Whether you need school supplies, new USNA gear or even dorm room decor, it’s always fun to refresh. There’s no better place than Navyonline.com for your USNA school supplies. They offer a wide array of items that will make this back-to-school a year to remember, especially since all proceeds go right back to the midshipmen. As the official midshipgoat for the U.S. Naval Academy, I’m looking forward to gearing up for the year. 

See what’s in my cart for some back-to-school inspiration:

School Supplies with Style

Even though I’m all hooves, I’m also all about great penmanship. This USNA crest pen is special for that reason. Made with solid brass featuring a black lacquer bottom and white pearl top that’s finished with the USNA crest, this pen carries some weight. It’s hefty but nimble, and is made to last a long long time. If you’re looking for a writing implement that feels great and writes beautifully smooth, this pen makes a great gift for a returning scholar—or pick one up for yourself to start the new school year right.

If you want some more informal pens for everyday use, the Go Navy! Beat Army! round stic pen in a two pack is a great choice. With its bold gold background and the charging Bill the Goat emblem (my favorite part) screaming Go Navy! Beat Army!, it’s a spirited piece that lets everyone know your loyalty. In signature Bic style with the signature Bic smoothness, it’s a sturdy pen that will last for many classes. Bring something new to the new school year.

For school supplies that turn heads, you can’t beat this Blue Angels 3-ring binder. With the bold U.S. Naval Academy crest prominently displayed, it’s an awesome way to showcase this incredible group of flyers. You can almost feel the rumbling from their fiery engines. If you want to honor the skill, bravery and unbelievable strength of the U.S. Navy, this one picture speaks 1,000 words. You can also find other binders featuring Navy sailing and the USNA crest to show your Navy pride. All proceeds give right back to the Brigade that they honor.

Since I AM all hooves, I can never have enough folders to organize my paperwork. This U.S. Naval Academy folder does it for me. Designed with two pockets and a glossy finish, it’s polished with a USNA crest in gold foil. A similar folder with the crest front and center is another great option. Grab a few of these to handle any handouts. Durable and practical, they wear their name well.

When it’s time to break for lunch, this rooker cooler lunch bag makes it fun, Navy style. The main compartment is well insulated to keep meals hot or cold. Its generous front pocket lets you stash utensils, napkins, condiment packages or other important lunch items. The lining is soft and easy to wipe clean, so it’s easy to reuse to cut down on waste. Plus, the best part is the charging yours truly that brings USNA to the party. Take this handy lunch bag on break, to after-school activities or to wherever you want to break bread (or anything else). It makes a great meal mate.

Don’t forget to tuck this sporty Class of 2026 Nalgene bottle in your lunch bag. Fill it full with 32 ounces of your favorite liquid. It comes in a wide assortment of colors, including brown, olive, smoke, trout green, and the incomparable glow green. All feature the crest front and center with the “Class of 2026” emblazoned below. The trout green color option, is my favorite. Go Navy, and Go Class of 2026! This is the perfect way to welcome them back to class.

The Dorm Life Decor: Keeping it Classy

If you’re heading to a dorm room this fall, you’ll need one of these pop-up laundry bags to keep dirty clothes corralled. Light as a feather, it’s built sturdy with two solid nylon sides and two breathable mesh sides. It’s collapsible so you can slide it right in your trunk. While it’s great for laundry toting, it’s also very handy for storage when you’re strapped for space. Use it to hold towels, blankets, caps or other accessories, and fold it back up when you’re done. This N* bag makes the perfect graduation/going off to college present for the Navy lovers in your life! 

To remind them of home, this brushed aluminum USNA crest picture frame keeps memories close. It holds a 5” x 7” photo, and has a stylish understated USNA crest at the bottom. Fill it with your favorite photo or let them decide which one they’ll bring. Either way, it’s a comfort when they’re away.

You can also enhance their dorm room decor with a comfy anchor pillow, the perfect nod to Navy. Made with soft polyester, they can use it to prop up during late night study sessions, make a Netflix binge better or keep hard dorm seats soft when they’re burning the midnight oil. Pick up a few since these go well at home too. Your Navy fan will love having the anchor wherever they go.

As back to school starts gearing up, you can start your shopping at Navyonline. Now and throughout the year, they’re adding great REAL Navy gear, clothing, souvenirs and more. As the Brigade gets ready to head back, it’s great to know that your shopping here can help them here too. Every penny goes right back to the midshipmen. We thank you for your support. 

Enjoy the school year, and Go Navy! Beat Army!

Start School Shopping Here

Bill the Goat
Written by Bill the Goat

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