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Naval Academy Spring & Summer Photo Series

Jan 6, 2020 11:50:00 AM


It’s chilly here at the U.S. Naval Academy!  We’ve had a little snow and ice, and we’re just in the beginning stages of winter. Let's all take a couple moments to reminisce about warmer, brighter days at the USNA during the spring & summer. Enjoy some fun facts about the USNA extracurricular activities you might not have known about.


Presentation of Colors Ceremony during the Color Parade. The Color Parade, the oldest parade at the U.S. Naval Academy, first occurred in 1867. The Color Parade honors the fall and spring color companies and is the oldest parade at the U.S. Naval Academy, a tradition which began in 1867.  Midshipmen anticipate this parade as their last full dress parade while at the academy. Members of the Color Guard are hand-selected over Plebe Summer.


Tecumseh, known as the ‘God of 2.0’ was salvaged from a wrecked old ship of the line Delaware. Intended to portray Tamanend, a great Chief of the Delawares and a lover of peace, is seen here decorated in a coat of “war paint.” Midshipmen parade past Tecumseh during the Color Parade. Midshipmen frequently give him a left-handed salute and toss pennies at Tecumseh for good luck on exams and in athletics.


USNA Cannoneers fire the saluting batteries during formal parades, home football games, and spirit rallies. Being a Cannoneer is one of the many extracurricular activities available to midshipmen. They serve to support the Brigade of Midshipmen, but you are able to request their services by contacting the university.

USNA_blue_angelsThe Blue Angels perform during Commissioning Week. The Blue Angels started as the second formal flying demonstration team created throughout the world. They were coined this name at a show in Omaha in 1946. The current Blue Angels Team includes 3 USNA Graduates, LT Julius Bratton, LCDR Adam Kerrick, and CAPT William Huckeba.


Class of 2019 Graduates being sworn in as USMC 2nd Lieutenants. It is tradition for officers to recite the oath upon promotion, but it is not required if the officer’s service has been continuous.


hat_tossThe Navy’s newest Ensigns toss their covers to mark the end of the graduation ceremony. After the toss, children in attendance are allowed to run onto the field and collect a hat to take home.  Many have inspirational quotes or money pinned inside for the children to find.



Summer Seminar introduces high school students who have completed their junior year to life at the Naval Academy. These selected students will be introduced to athletics, first-class academics and professional training. The program provides the 150+ midshipmen who run it with leadership opportunities.


Summer Seminar students get a taste of Log PT. Exercises with the log won’t work unless everyone works together. Some exercises you’ll experience with the log are sit-ups and curls.


USNA_tug_of_warTug-of-war is a test of strength. While its origin is unknown, it was practiced in Cambodia, ancient Egypt, Greece, India, and China. Tug-of-war athletes competed in the Olympic Games from 1900-1920.


Plebes begin to memorize Reef Points. A new version of this handbook is produced for each incoming class.





The Oath of Office Ceremony is held in Tecumseh Court. The first Oaths of Office were taken by those serving in the Continental Army beginning in 1775.





Plebes may receive a personal swearing-in from a close friend or family member who is active duty, retired, or a member of the reserves. It is not the official Oath of Office, and is only ceremonial.


During Plebe Summer, basic sailing skills are put into practice. The Naval Academy has the largest offshore sail training fleet for collegiate sailing in the United States.



USNA_plebe test


A plebe tests physical endurance on the obstacle course. The fastest recorded times on the obstacle course in 2017 were 1 minute 30 seconds for women and 53 seconds for men.




A parent is reunited with her plebe during Parents’ Weekend. Parents and plebes find one another in the vast crowd by meeting along Stribling Walk near signs corresponding with the first letter of the plebe’s last name.


A parent is reunited with her plebe during Parents’ Weekend. Parents and plebes find one another in the vast crowd by meeting along Stribling Walk near signs corresponding with the first letter of the plebe’s last name.


The USNA Women’s Soccer Team ended the 2019 season with a 16-3-3 record. A notable former team member is Lt Col. Nicole Aunapu Mann, USMC, who went on to become an F/A-18 Hornet pilot, test pilot, and NASA astronaut.



The Pipes and Drums, an active ensemble in the Musical Activities Department within USNA, march in a formal parade. They are the only active duty pipe band within the Navy, and are one of two active duty pipe bands in the military. The band wears kilts featuring Polaris Military Tartan.


Midshipmen greet dignitaries attending a formal parade. While no US presidents have yet attended Naval Academy formal parades, congressmen, military leaders, and even royalty have served as parade reviewers.


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