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Service Academy Exchange Program: A Swapping Success Story

By Bill the Goat on Dec 19, 2023 10:00:00 AM

The U.S. Naval Academy offers its midshipmen many life changing experiences, from the rigors of Plebe Summer, to the USNA Sea Trials at the end of that year, to the Summer Training opportunities after each academic year. These milestones are important steps along the way to becoming an effective and skilled naval officer.

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A Look Back at USNA Superintendents, Part II

By Bill the Goat on Apr 19, 2023 10:30:00 AM

Welcome to the second in our series of three articles profiling some of the most notable superintendents in the U.S. Naval Academy’s 177+ years history of having superintendents. Our first post looked at the careers and contributions of a few of the earlier superintendents. They have all proven themselves to be excellent leaders both in their fields and in the role of superintendents. Many have been recognized with the prestigious Distinguished Graduate title bestowed by the USNA Alumni Association. All in all, over 60 superintendents have given their time and expertise to the Academy, and we are grateful to each for their dedication. 

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The USNA Masqueraders Bring Macbeth to the Yard

By Bill the Goat on Apr 3, 2023 10:24:04 AM

Get ready to experience Macbeth in all its tragic glory. On April 22nd and 23rd, the talented USNA Masqueraders will summon from their depths the immortal words of William Shakespeare, whose birthday happens to be celebrated April 23rd (in the year of 1564). Though written many centuries ago, Shakespeare’s words still inspire, entertain and move audiences around the world, teaching us to treasure some of life’s most important gifts. 

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